DA Paulissen Photography

DA Paulissen Photography

Hello, I'm David A Paulissen, owner of DA Paulissen Photography. I have been a photographer in progress for over 50 years now. I began with film as a child. In my father's footsteps, I received his 35mm range finder when I was 12. We were in Europe at the time living in Holland. I loved the travel and black and white photography. After High School, I bought my first SLR and the journey continues today with Canon DSLR equipment and lenses. While I did take some hours of photography in college, I am mostly self-taught. The black and white darkroom gave me a basis for using modern digital editing techniques. Birds and wildlife are by far my favorite subjects to shoot and represent my largest gallery here. I am a musician, sailor, photographer and by profession a general manager. I hope you enjoy my images and the artist that is emerging. Enjoy my little slice of nature and art. dapphoto@dapaulissenphotography.com 832-729-9698

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    Stacey Paulissen

    on Sep 18

    Fantastic shots dear Uncle! You are very talented!